"Second Guessing the Greatest Generals in History"

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Imperium Romanum


Marius vs. Sulla 88 BC
The Great Mithradatic War 75 BC
The Crisis of the First Triumvirate 55 BC
The Gallic Revolt 52 BC
Caesar vs. Pompey 50 BC
Caesar vs. the Sons of Pompey 47 BC
The Triumvirs vs. the Assassins 43 BC
The Crisis of the Second Triumvirate 38 BC
Octavian vs. Antony and Cleopatra 32 BC
The Year of the Four Emperors 68 AD
The Conquest of Darcia 101 AD
Septimus Severus vs. Pescennius Niger vs. Clodius Albinus 193 AD
The Senate vs. Maximus Thrax 238 AD
Philippus Arabs vs. Decius 248 AD
Trebonius Gallus vs. Aemillianus 253 AD
The Crisis of the Third Century 260 AD
The Imperial Restoration 268 AD
Probus vs. Florianus 276 AD
Diocletian vs. Carinus 284 AD
The Collapse of the Tetrarchy 306 AD
Constantine vs. Licinius 321 AD
The Sons of Constantine 340 AD
Constantius II vs. Magnentius 350 AD
Julian the Apostate vs. Constantius II 361 AD
The Gothic Storm 377 AD
Theodosius the Great vs. Maximus 387 AD
Theodosius the Great vs. Eugenius 394 AD
The Primacy of Stilicho 401 AD
The Rising Tide 410 AD
The Disintegration of the West 429 AD
The Scourge of God 451 AD
Majorian 457 AD
Theodoric and the Goths 486 AD
Justinian and the Reconquest 533 AD
Belisarius vs. Justinian 540 AD
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