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How to Make War

How to Make War (HMW) is a simulation of tactical mechanized combined arms combat from WWII to the near future including both historical and hypothetical conflicts.

Each hex is 200 meters, each turn is 2.5 minutes. Each unit represents a platoon.

The Standard Rules provide those rules common to all versions, while the other rules provide the scenarios and any additional information required for individual modules, maps, units, and scenarios.

This game has 16 modules.


9/26/14 Rules Update How to Make War >

I've made an update to the rules and reworked Close Assault as well as the Direct Fire tables.

7/14/13 Fire Procedures How to Make War >

The latest edition of the rule (v0.931) modifies the procedures for both AP and GM fire and makes corresponding changes to the fire results tables. The new procedures roll one die for each step in the firing unit. Thus if a three step unit is firing then three dice are rolled. Each die is may cause losses in the target unit. In the case of GM fire, multiple S results are not cummulative.

Additionally, smoke is less effective across weather conditions and smoke ammunitition is automatically reduced on each use.

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