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Counter Construction




  • Print each of the counter pages on a color printer on legal size labels.
  • Spray each page with matt finish spray. Allow time to dry.
  • Cut matt board to size of the counter page (8 1/8 x 11 3/4).
  • Trim away the white space on the counter page to make it roughly symetrical.
  • Cut the counter page along the middle line between front and back sides.
  • Affix the counter page front to one side of the matt board using the top and right side to align with the board.
  • Affix the counter page back to the other side of the matt board using the top and left side to align with the board.
  • Cut along lines to produce 1/2 in square counters.


You will need to organize your counters in storage unless you want to sort them out before every game.

Use an assortment of plastic baggies:

Place each company into a 2x3 inch baggie.

Place each battalion HQ company and its company baggies into a 3x5 inch baggie.

Place each regiment HQ company and its battalion baggies into a 1 quart baggie.

Place the division HQ company and its regiment baggies into into a 1/2 or gallon baggie.

Other Instructions


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