"Second Guessing the Greatest Generals in History"

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If you would like to publish your own house rules, please send in Word or PDF format to info@armchairbrigade.org.

The rules must be written to be read by anyone who owns the game (as opposed to notes to yourself),

Require little or no physical modification to the game (i.e. no altered counters or marking up the map),

You must be willing to field questions about the rules from players and make a good faith effort to correct any identified problems as they come to light with updates, and

Include a "redesigners notes" to explain what motivated you to redesign the game (e.g. problems with the game mechanics, better simulation fo the subject).

Submit rules in either complete (see e.g. Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW)) or errata (see e.g. After the Holocaust) format.

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