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1.0: 10th July 1943 - Komsomolets State Farm and Hill 241.6

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StartJun 10, 1943 10:00:00 AM
EndJun 10, 1943 1:00:00 PM


Prokhorovka North 3/5 thru 5/6


Historically the weather was cloudy with local thunderstorms during the day. The ground was wet and heavy going for all vehicle types.


Wind - none

Precipitation - Heavy Rain (see scenario rules)

Fog - none

Ground - Wet


The terrain is gently rolling  but crossed by balka - ravines or gullies.  Ground clutter reduces Observation range to 7 hexes.

The balka are difficult to cross and virtually impassable to vehicles when wet.  See the Terrain effects Chart and Scenario Rules.

Entrenchment Hexes:

Entrenchments are marked with Entrenchment counters.  In addition to providing the benefits of Improved Positions, these hexes affect Movement - see the Module specific Terrain effects Chart.

Victory Conditions

German Breakthrough - capture Hill 241.6 and Ivanovskii Vyselok hexes and hex 0606 on map 5/5.  The way to Prokhorovka is open.

German Substantive Victory - capture Hill 241.6 and Ivanovskii Vyselok hexes with losses of no more than 2 steps Infantry and 2 steps StuG III

German Tactical Victory - capture Hill 241.6 and Ivanovskii Vyselok hexes with losses of no more than a total of 10 steps fighting units of (any combination)

Soviet Tactical Victory - prevent any German victory

Soviet Substantive Victory - prevent any German victory and occupy at least on Urban hex of Komsomolets State Farm

First Player: Nazi Germany

2nd SS Panzergrenadier Regiment

Panzergrenadier Regiment


Motorized Panzergrenadier Battalion


Motorized Panzergrenadier Battalion


SP Anti-Aircraft Company


Motorized Infantry Gun Company


Motorized Anti-Tank Company


SP Anti-Tank Company


Motorcycle Recon Company


Motorized Engineer Company


Assault Gun Battalion


Tank Company


All Formations/Units start on Map 3/6 no more than 6 hexes from the Northern-most hex of Teterevino North 0408.

Formation boundary. No unit may go South eastwards of the line of hexes running from 0115 on map 3/6 to 1203 on map 4/6. A unit may occupy a hex on this line. This represents the boundary between the LSSAH and Das Reich divisions.

The following are under command of 1SS-4-00 for morale, command and cohesion purposes: 1SS-6-00 1SS-2-200

1SS Panzergrenadier Division [Unit Counters (PDF)] [Formation Cards (PDF)]

Smoke Counters (PDF)

Dummy Counters (PDF)

Unit Data Cards (PDF)

Second Player: Russia

All Russian Units

Counters/formation sheets from the 95th Rifle Division, 170th Tank Brigade and 18th Tank Corps formation sets stand in for the 183rd Rifle Division, 169th Tank Brigade and 15th Guards Heavy Tank Regiment. Other than identification codes, these are accurate substitutions for the actual formations.

All units begin the game in Entrenchments in either Full or Partial Protection. Place Entrenchment counters on the map, then place Unit counters.

2/285th Regiment Defence

Rifle Battalion

First LineLine70%

MG Company

First LineLine44%

Mortar Company

First LineLine85%

Anti-Tank Rifle Company

First LineLine100%

Anti-Tank Battery

First LineLine100%

Infantry Gun Battery

First LineLine100%

Anti-Tank Battery

First LineLine100%

Anti-Tank Battery

First LineLine100%

The infantry battalion and all attached units may set up anywhere on or North-eastwards of the line of hexes running from 0114 on map 4/5 to 1204 on map 4/6.

The attached regimental companies and the two attached ATG Batteries are under command of 95G-4-300 for morale, command and cohesion purposes.

The sections of the ATR company may be assigned to any company formation in any combination, they then come under command of their designated company for morale, command and cohesion purposes.

Supporting Artillery

Light Artillery Battalion

First LineLine100%

The artillery battalion sets up at 4 or less hexes from hex 1201 on map 4/5.

The Artillery Battalion is independent of 95G-4-300.

169th Tank Brigade - Storozhevoe

Tank Brigade

First LineLine55%

The tank brigade sets up on map 5/5 South of the railway line, no further West than hex column 05nn and no further South than hex row nn12.

15th Guards Heavy Tank Regiment

Guards Heavy Tank Regiment

First LineLine57%

The heavy tank regiment sets up on map 5/6 on or East of hex column 10nn.

95G Rifle Division [Unit Counters (PDF)] [Formation Cards (PDF)]

18TC Tank Corps [Unit Counters (PDF)] [Formation Cards (PDF)]

170T Tank Brigade [Unit Counters (PDF)] [Formation Cards (PDF)]

Smoke Counters (PDF)

Dummy Counters (PDF)

Unit Data Cards (PDF)

Special Rules

Artillery, Mortars and Infantry Guns:

- Russia:  Only a Coy HQ or higher formation HQ may spot for IF arty/mortars.  Only pre-planned fires may be called.  Smallest unit of IF is a battery or company (also applies to ATGs for DF) - all units in the battery/company must target the same hex/target Unit and fire together.  Communications are almost entirely based on telephone cable and are therefore more easily disrupted(?)- fires called for are not always received - roll 1D6; roll 1-2 and fire is not received.

- Germany: Only a Coy HQ or higher formation HQ may spot for IF arty/mortars.  Calling for pre-planned fires operates without delay.  Flexible fire - targets of opportunity - is also possible but there is a delay of 15 minutes before the fire arrives ? place IF counters on the time track to arrive 6 turns (15mins) from current turn.  Smallest unit of artillery IF is a battery or company.  Infantry guns and Mortars may fire by section including medium mortars integral to an infantry company.

Batteries or companies of any nation may spot for themselves - the battery/company HQ must have LoS to the target hex.

German Artillery/Air Bombardment:

After both players have set up but before Turn 1, the Russian player must apply the effects of the initial German artillery and air bombardment.

For each company roll 1D6.  On a roll of 1-4 the company is Shaken.

Russian Pre-Plotted Artillery:

The Russian artillery battalion may use Indirect Fire (IF) on up to 6 pre-registered hexes within LoS of the Russian Infantry Battalion HQ.  The Russian player notes these hexes on a piece of paper.  During the game IF may be directed at these hexes as long as they remain in LoS of the Infantry Battalion HQ.


At the start of each turn, roll 1D6 ? on a roll of 1-2 there is Hvy Rain for the duration of that turn. If there was Hvy rain the previous turn, subtract 1 from the die roll.

Design Notes

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