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1.0: Reconnaissance

How to Make War > Hannover Plain >

Forward elements of the British Covering Force encounter part of the reconnaissance battalion of a Soviet Tank Division, close to the Inner German Border.  

The thin British screen, an armoured reconnaissance squadron, must find and delay the Soviets without incurring significant losses.  Lacking the numbers and firepower to engage the enemy decisively, the British aim is let the Soviets pass but not without difficulty.  Behind the British reconnaissance screen, the heavy armour of the Covering Force is taking up positions to destroy the Soviet reconnaissance teams as they come through.

The Soviet aim is to pass their reconnaissance troops through the British screen as quickly and with as few losses as possible.  Once beyond the screen they will attempt to locate and observe the British Covering Force as it moves forward.


StartOct 1, 1973 7:00:00 AM
EndOct 1, 1973 9:00:00 AM


Hannover Plain 5/8 thru 7/9


 It is early morning, clear with unlimited visibility and no wind.


The action takes place close to the Inner German Border on clear, flat terrain.  

Whilst much of the terrain is 'Clear', ground clutter reduces the maximum visibility range to 7 hexes.

See Main Rules: Observation: Ground Clutter

Victory Conditions

The Soviets win if they exit at least 75% of steps off the Western map edge by the end of the Soviet Leg Movement Phase of Turn 8.

The British win if they prevent the Soviet victory conditions whilst losing no more than 10% of steps.  Any British unit that leaves any map edge for any reason is counted as lost for victory purposes.

First Player: Russia

Divisional Reconnaissance

Recon Company (Tracked)

First LineLine100%

Recon Company (Tracked)

First LineLine100%

Begin entering from the Eastern map edge during the first Soviet movement phase.

Second Player: United Kingdom

Advanced Covering Screen

Armoured Car Squadron

First LineLine100%

Deploy anywhere on the map.

5C Armoured Recon Regiment [Unit Counters (PDF)] [Formation Cards (PDF)]

Smoke Counters (PDF)

Dummy Counters (PDF)

Unit Data Cards (PDF)


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